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Experience an EO Study!

Participants get to receive a customized complementary trial kit of oils based on their personal wellness needs. Then Embark on a hand on week of robust education and fun and prizes! 

Use the calendar here to book your mini-consult today so we can get your customized kit sent out to you.

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Do you need Organization of Files & documents? Do you want to learn productivity hacks so you can be more efficient at work? I love helping you learn social media strategy so you can leverage your virtual network. I am happy to teach you how to leverage Google Apps for business to take your business to the next level or even how to rock gmail as an entrepreneur! Are you already pretty savvy but want to learn automations and integrations? Maybe you are ready to go all in on an automated funnel with a customizable user experience? No matter your tech experience I can help you rock your tech and take you from overwhelm to OH. Emm GEE.


Are you curious about essential oils? I have been integrating the Totally Essential oils into my daily life for ten years now. I have not only been able to move my body and mind into a place of optimum health and functionality, but I have thrived so much that this is my ‘day job’. I work for myself, and so can you. You can be healthy, happy and independent while you learn how to help yourself and others thrive.

It’s a whole new journey! Visit my facebook page to learn more about my livestream sessions every Tuesday and Thursday, and best of all, these are FREE!

Essential oils are safer, cheaper, and oftentimes more effective then your traditional wellness options.

Simple solutions to everyday problems!

What’s more stressful than tech that doesn't work? While I help you learn your tech, I can also teach you some great tips on how to add some holistic wellness tools to your repertoire. In other words, I am one of those people who can do both: I thrive at internet technology and I embody the sensitivity that is needed for navigating total wellness.

My weekly live streams on Facebook address both technology questions and wellness questions.

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  • Calm your overwhelm

  • Get 1:1 support for tech & wellness needs

  • Get more restful sleep

  • Learn to leverage tech to make life better

  • Have more energy

  • Enhance your calm

  • Digestive Support

  • Soothe Achy Muscles

  • Lets hop on a 15 min Discovery Call and see how what I can help you with.

  • Essential Oil Study

  • Participants receive $15-$30 value of doTERRA product

  • Engage in immersive interactive educational community

  • Receive 1:1 guidance on your personal wellness needs

  • Learn how to use essential oils safely & effectively


  • Win prizes for engaging

  • Help others find wellness solutions

  • Cost is $5 to cover shipping

  • What wellness challenge can we help you solve today?

  • Could your sleeping be better?

  • Looking for a stress management solution?

  • Sending the sandman love letters hoping he'll visit?

  • Is your tummy talking back to you?

  • Lets connect for a mini consult and see if an EO Study is right for you!

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    Apply to participate in an Essential Oil Study. 

    Are you ready to find wellness success today?

    Book a mini-consult with me using this calendar here and let's find out what wellness solutions are in store for you!


    I love having Digestzen, Terrazyme, & PB Assist to keep my tum tum happy!

    – Olivia P

    I have dealt with a lot of knee discomfort over the years but that Deep Blue Rub & Turmeric Capsules really help keep the inflammation managed

    – Eric M

    I was dealing with so much stress and that Adaptiv, Balance, & Copaiba are little bottles of stress relieving plant magic!

    – Sarah J