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What are people saying about working with me & doTERRA?

* Colleen's classes are great and she is very helpful when it comes to anything oil related! ^_^ I just used one of my bath bombs we made at the last class/event I attended and it was relaxing, smelled wonderful, and my skin felt so soft and smooth when I came out! - Cara

* The totally essential team is amazing! They are always offering super helpful classes that teach me about natural wellness and ways to take care of myself! - Uma

* So my son has been having these pretty bad bouts where he'll be so sleepy but won't be able to just lay down and sleep like he normally does, which provokes really bad temper tantrums. So every night after using the night time baby wash i've been putting Lavendar on both his feet and a little behind his neck to calm him down. Within five minutes he's asleep and sleeping throughout the night peacefully. doTERRA is a life saver! - Kelli

* Lifelong Vitality Supplements are amazing! They made a huge difference in my recovery from knee replacement surgery. - Margaret

* My oils guru! - Cheryl